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Hier möchte ich Videos einfügen, die sich mit dem Thema COSPLAY, TABLETOP  und  LARP einfügen. Es gibt fantastische fangemachte Fantasy-und Scifi Videos, und einzigartige Veranstaltungen. Natürlich habe ich die Urheber vorher gefragt, versteht sich ja von selbst! Falls Ihr auch selbstproduzierte Videos habt, kontaktiert mich einfach.

Here I would like to insert videos, which insert themselves with the topic COSPLAY, TABLETOP and LARP. There are fantastic scanned fantasy and scifi videos, and unique events. Of course I asked the authors beforehand, of course! If you also have self-produced videos, just contact me.


Have fun watching the small artworks, enjoy it!

This video was taken by The Daily Gate team at the Drachenfest LARP (Live Action Role Play) in Germany. Want to see more? Want to know more about The Daily Gate? check our Facebook page at:

Directed by Richard Boylan, the film is about a Guardsman who wakes up after passing out from an injury. He’s alone in an abandoned sector. Or so he thinks.

The Space Marine in the movie is actually a Cosplayer who made the costume. His name is Terry Skrinjar and has photos of his outfit’s progress.

To see more of Terry Skrinjar's work:

Watch "The Birch - a Webby Award Winning Short by Crypt TV & amp; Bloody Cuts Webby: Drama: Single Short or Episode - People's Voice of the People's Republic
  A plump schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormentor and calls an ancient being into the forest with a literal book passed down through the genders of his family.

 Dune is the greatest Sci-Fi series ever written. Frank Herbert's Masterpiece spans over the course of five thousand years, contains dozens of main characters, and explores the human condition in a way that no novels before have.

Fall in love with Cutest Zombie!....

Wonderful fan production. Another approach to zombie apocalypse. I love it !

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